We are aware that an intense sports training is not fully natural for horses and that is why our priority is to provide them with professional care in the field of preventive treatment, biological regeneration, and therapy. In this way, we guarantee an individually planned work, which makes proper development of a horse possible, is suitable to horse’s physical abilities, and provides us with knowledge concerning horse’s weaknesses that can be eliminated through an appropriate training and care.


In our farm, we cyclically guest one of the best European veterinarian, an expert on diagnostics and prophylaxis of sports horses, doctor Marc Suls.

We try to avoid health problems by placing emphasis on preventive treatment. Therefore, we have chosen one of the best farriers in Poland, Michał Nojman – highly regarded by Polish and foreign veterinarians and chosen by the best Polish riders.

In fast regeneration of horses before and after effort and during possible recovery, we are supported by a specialist in manual therapy (massage, stretching) Joanna Zdanowska., highly regarded by Polish competitors. Thanks to her courtesy, we have a horsecloth for magnetic therapy at our disposal.

Our horses are under the constant care of Jeana Winkelmolena. – a Dutch specialist in the field of horse dentistry.