We invite horse owners who would like to work with their animals in professional conditions and pleasant atmosphere.

Our guests can use a safe and ergonomic stable with full infrastructure, which due to its construction maintains a perfect temperature for horses:
• spacious, light horse stalls with windows overlooking the outdoors and a corridor; 3.5 m x 4 m, fitted with automatic drinking troughs, mangers that can be directed at a corridor, salt licks, and stands for halters and horsecloths (on door)
• a horse care base:
     – two warm water washing place
     – three horse care stands with safe electric connections (from a ceiling)
     - a horse solarium, produced by a German company RAINBOW, with the control of the intensity and time of heat emission, which enable to warm up or dry up a horse evenly to the height of the hock in a very short time

All the stands are covered with special rubber an anti-slip mat, which prevents horseshoes and hooves from grinding.

• a tack room with heating and ventilation
• a feed room fitted with grain crushers, produced by a German company SOMMER, with a grain cleaner that enable caretakers to remove all contaminations from oats, thanks to which horses are fed with dust-free, well assimilable oats
• a sanitary base with a shower
• an industrial washer (28 kg) allowing even thick winter horsecloths to be washed
• a roofed horse walker for six horses, based on the mechanism of a Dutch company BELEBRO, with safe compartments and stable ground
• a roofed lunging area without an interior pole with a specially selected ground
• an open treining arena 35 m x 75 m, with professional ground, fitted with a full set of obstacles produced by a reputed company UCHWAT (including an imitation of water – so-called Liverpool and a broad ditch filled with water) and 12 cavaletti
• a riding hall, 25 m x 60 m, with a very carefully selected ground and lighting
• 10 regularly cleaned paddocks for sports horses, with safe fences
• 3,5 ha of fields sown with a special Dutch mix of pasture grass for horses, which guarantees the top quality of grass for the longest possible period of time; regularly cultivated and fertilized
• recreational area with a grill and a place for fire where guests can enjoy a moment of relaxation and watch horses that are training or resting in the paddocks
• kitchen and recreational room • guest rooms
Our stable is located in the vicinity of woodlands, meadows and the Ina river, which gives an opportunity for trips in picturesque surroundings.

Horses are let out to a walker and paddocks by the stable staff according to the horse owners’ wishes.

The price includes full board for a horse: hay (during the winter also a high quality grass silage) – mainly from own harvest, oats, muesli, a general vitamin mix FORAN CHEVINAL PLUS, and wholesome and appropriately balanced mash every second day.

Horse stalls are cleaned every day.