Smogolice Stable offers you horse training and horse-rider training.
We guarantee an individual approach and maximum care of the highest standard.

We offer professional horse training in show jumping. We accept horses at every skill level – from those not broked to ride yet to those more experienced. Horses are trained in order to improve their skills and to ensure their proper psychophysical development and condition.

The riders training is a guarantee of an individually selected training schedule in accordance with the needs and experience of both a horse and a rider. Depending on the course of training, riders may count not only on theoretical instructors’ advice but also on their practical support consisting in instructors’ work with a horse, which facilitates the understanding of numerous issues through observation and helps to correct aids used during horseback riding.

At our disposal, we have several experienced horses, which can be available for training to those riders who would like to improve their skills but do not have their own horses.